Freedom Behind the Walls (FBTW) is a committee which takes the message carried by Hospitals and Institutions and allows those incarcerated to works the 12 Steps of NA with an anonymous addict through the mail. FBTW is extremely rewarding commitment as we only keep what we have by giving it away and there is no way more fulfilling than to work the 12 steps with someone willing and eager to participate in their own recovery. FBTW receives applications in the mail from male and female inmates in prisons and institutions and a sponsor is then assigned to work, one on one, using the Step Working Guide and corresponding anonymously through the regular postal service mail. FBTW offers volunteer sponsors a whole new perspective on step work as they work steps with incarcerated inmates.
Any addict can join the San Fernando Valley Area FBTW Subcommittee. To sponsor someone in an institution, an addict needs to have been clean for 2 years and have worked the Twelve Steps and have had no prior contact with, or knowledge of, their assigned sponsee. The sponsor candidate must be off parole and have no criminal convictions in the past 12 months.

Here is the link for the Freedom Behind the Walls Guidelines